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Bookmarks for Views

Do you have a lot of List Views to navigate in your instance? Do you only use a handful of Views? Tired of the “Recent” items default view when you click a Tab? Want to change the default object view to a Custom List View?

Bookmarks for Views

Bookmarks for Views

Browser bookmarks can be used to get a handle on Views. Each View has a corresponding URL that can be called from a bookmark. Select the Views used most often and put them is a bookmark tree. Most modern browsers now allow bookmarks to be across the top thus acting like a menu.

In addition, the bookmark will execute the View immediately so you will not see the default “Recent” items View. Some solutions suggest an S-control or Visualforce page, but this works pretty well.

Object List Views

Since the method for creating bookmarks varies from browser to browser, this article only describes how to determine the URLs for the bookmarks.

Use the following steps to get the URL for most List Views.  Activity List Views are a little different and discussed below.

  1. Go to the Tab that contains the View. If you are already on the Tab, go to a different Tab and then go back. The trick is you only want to see a URL in the browser’s address bar that ends in “/o”. For example, Opportunities is “”. Note that “na7” is the server where my specific instance resides. Yours may be different.
  2. Select the desired View. The URL will change to include a code about 15 characters long at the end. The code identifies the View. Here is an example, “”. Note that this code is unique between instances so this specific example will not work on your instance.
  3. Copy the entire URL into the bookmark setup.

Activity List Views

One View that especially benefits from bookmarks are Activity (Tasks & Events) List Views. First, Activity Views are sort of hidden since you have to hit the button under the calendar to get to the screen. Second, changing the fields on the Home Tab Tasks section is not possible. Finally, the filter options on the Home Tab are also fixed.

A bookmark can be an easy way to access frequently used Custom Activity Views. For example, a list of Tasks completed last week and upcoming Tasks can be useful during weekly staff meetings.

Getting the URL for Activity Views requires different steps than for the other Views.

  1. Go to the Home Tab.
  2. Click the Activity List View button.  It is in the Calendar section, below the Calendar widget, third icon from the left.  There is the small chance that the Calendar section has been removed from your Home Tab.  You will need to contact your Administrator to rectify this.
  3. Select the desired View.  Note that the URL does not change like on the other Tabs.
  4. Construct the URL by:
    1. Start with the URL from the address bar (ex.,
    2. Add “?fcf=” (ex.,
    3. Click on the Printer icon off to the right of the screen.  The Printable View will display.  In the URL on the address bar, find the code between “fcf=” and “&”.  Add the code to the URL you are building.  (ex.,
  5. Copy the entire URL into the bookmark setup.

Focus On The Most Used Views

It is not uncommon to have a lot of List Views.  They have a tendency to accumulate over time, both those created by the System Administrator and those you created yourself.  Using bookmarks is a great way to focus on the Views you use the most.

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