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Finally, I was able to tether my iPad with my AT&T iPhone 3GS without jailbreaking. I upgraded both my iPad (Generation 1) and iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.3. That allowed my iPad to see my iPhone’s Bluetooth connection.

It’s been widely publicized that AT&T iPhone 4 with this upgrade would allow WiFi mobile hotspot but it was unclear if the older 3GS model was included. We know it is possible since jailbroken phones can do it. Turns out Apple is only allowing iPhone 4 for WiFi mobile hotspot.

I was elated when my 3GS had Personal Hotspot (Apple’s name for such things) as an additional option in the Settings app. I then became concerned when WiFi was not mentioned in that option, only Bluetooth and USB were mentioned. I then upgraded my iPad and “iPhone” popped up in its Bluetooth Settings section. A couple of clicks later I turned off my iPad WiFi and it was still able to access the Internet.


Now if Apple could only figure out how to support drag-and-drop on iPad’s Safari.

P.S. AT&T’s DataPro 4GB for iPhone Tethering plan is required.

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