Filed under: Administration April 8, 2011

This is an audio blog of my successful attempt at the new Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam. It references my previous study guide review. This is a stream of thoughts spoken into my iPhone and intended to capture my thoughts […]

Filed under: Administration March 29, 2011

I am preparing to take the new Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam which replaces the more generic Certified Consultant (CON201).  The Study Guide provided by Salesforce is the key source of direction for all their exams.  This video recorded my […]

Filed under: Administration January 15, 2011
small_lock has a robust and detailed security model for record level access called sharing rules. It is detailed because the rules are specific to the situation. For example, the sharing rule on account has more options than on lead. Since […]

Filed under: Administration March 25, 2010

A training course is probably the quickest way to prepare for the system administrator exam. Given the expense, though, many people have asked me if there are home study courses. I do not know of any. But rather than leave […]

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