Filed under: Implementation February 11, 2011

There are a growing number Salesforce books for configuring the system, but I have found the most helpful for implementations are more generic. There are also a few about the business value of salesforce automation, but these are the ones […]

Filed under: Implementation September 29, 2010

A comparison of’s Lead and Opportunity records offers some insights into salesforce strategy and implementation. Lead vs. Opportunity Definitions distinguishes between a Lead and an Opportunity. As a flexible system, it is up to each customer to determine […]

Filed under: Implementation April 13, 2010

Your boss comes up to you and says the Sales organization is implementing and gives you the standard two step methodology: Suck it up Get it done Below are some things to consider to add a bit more detail […]

Filed under: Cloud Computing July 20, 2009

(The Cloud Apps section has been removed from the website) This site’s Cloud Apps section uses Michael Porter’s Value Chain1 model as a map of generic business functions. This was used because of its convenience and was not intended to […]

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