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I previous blogged on my experience with the Administrator Exam (ADM201). This follow up post discusses passing the Certified Consultant Exam (CON201). The Administrator exam must be taken before the Consultant exam.

The questions were longer than the Administrator version. Typically three sentences to setup the scenario and then picking the answers that fit. The sample questions in the Study Guide were middle of the road. Some were harder and some easier. None of them were overly elaborate scenarios.

Many people were concerned that there could be two correct answers and getting into’s head to pick the answer they want. I didn’t really worry about that. In my opinion, an experienced analyst will likely come up with the same judgment as does. (Keep in mind, read the questions/answers carefully and don’t overlook a key word or phrase.)

The scope was beyond what the Administrator version covered and went into modules that are not even free in the Unlimited Edition. The Study Guide basically says that.

There was really no way to study for this one since it tries to measure deductive reasoning skills. I did have to connect a few dots to get the right answer. I think this comes from either innate ability or several years experience. I am pretty good at this stuff and I have many years experience designing and implementing several different systems.

I did not use any reference material other than the Study Guide and experimenting with the Developer Edition.

In these situations, it is best to be rested and alert than anything else.

For those readers considering taking this exam, you should know that you must re-certify with every new release of, about three times per year. It is actually the Administrator one that expires, thus your Consultant version also expires. also charges a yearly fee, currently around $100. I think it is well worth it if certifications are critical to your employment.

  1. htakeshita says:

    Salesforce is retiring Certified Consultant in early 2012 in favor of two new certifications, Service Cloud Consultant and Sales Cloud Consultant. As of the Spring 11 release, the Certified Consultant exam will no longer be available.

    I took the Service Cloud exam during Dreamforce 10 and it was significantly more difficult than Certified Consultant. Here is a link to a blog post by Jeff Douglas:

  2. Ashu says:


    Thanks for sharing the link by Jeff above. I’ve gone through Jeff’s blog post but would appreciate if you can share your experience in Service Cloud Exam as well. I beleive it will benefit a lot of guys who follow your blog.

    There are 4 trainings mentioned in Study Guide, will they really be sufficient to clear this exam. Somebody might not be using all the functionalities in Service Cloud, what are your thoughts on guiding such people, I’m one of them. :)


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