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I am preparing to take the new Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam which replaces the more generic Certified Consultant (CON201).  The Study Guide provided by Salesforce is the key source of direction for all their exams.  This video recorded my thoughts as I broke down the Study Guide.  Hopefully, this will help others review the Study Guides for the other certifications as well.

  1. Hayata says:

    Salesforce is offering 2 hour Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant certification prep classes at the beginning of Dreamforce ’11 for $99 each. See

  2. Vicky says:

    Hi, I was wondering do you sell your salesforce administrator certification notes?
    I don’t wanna take the training course since it takes 4 days, but i do want their internal notes or slides, etc.

    • Hayata says:

      Salesforce has substantially increased the functionality of the system so any notes from several years ago would be misleading.

      For example, sharing rules were role-based only when I took the exam. They now include criteria-based sharing. Answering a sharing rule question based on my notes would likely lead to the wrong answer.

      • Hayata says:

        Found another instance where old notes would likely lead to the wrong answer. It used to be that there were four Workflow Actions (Field Update, Task, Email Alert, and Outbound Message). There is now a fifth one. Hint: you have to activate Knowledge to see it.

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