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This is an audio blog of my successful attempt at the new Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam. It references my previous study guide review. This is a stream of thoughts spoken into my iPhone and intended to capture my thoughts and feelings immediately before and after the exam. I end with some words on practical experience before taking the exam.

  1. Ashu says:


    Can you please provide a blueprint on how to prepare for Sales cloud Consultant. What did you study for this exam? I understand that practical experience is necessary but I’ve heard that even most experienced consultants can fail these exams in case they don’t take them seriously.

    If possible, can you please write a short post and guide the aspirants.

    Please advise.

    • Hayata says:

      My studying for the Sales Cloud Consultant exam focussed on reviewing the Study Guide as described in this post and using the Developer Edition and Online Help to fill in my knowledge gaps. I may have looked up a few things in Google as well. I think it was about five hours of studying and then taking the exam.

      I will have to think further about a blueprint. I have a few ideas, but mostly around spending months or years preparing to become a consultant rather than studying for a few hours to take the exam.

  2. Neeraj says:

    Can you please place all url’s and study guide uploaded here so that users can be benefitted. what should be strategy for a 1 yrs exp. person for taking sales cloud exam.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. M_Torc says:

    I like the mumford and sons playing in the background : )

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