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There are a few system emails that Salesforce generates without an easy way to identify which organization it applies to.  These include emails with subjects like “Action Required” and “Important Changes.”  This is fine if you are a user in only one org.  If you are in multiple orgs, then this can be a puzzle.  Usually the Org ID is in the email, but that is just a jumble of letters and numbers.

If you are a Gmail user, you can use email address aliasing. Email address aliasing is creating an alternate email address that maps to your regular email address.  This allows you to use different email addresses for different orgs. Then, identifying the org in the system email is as simple as looking at the To: address.  In Gmail, you can reveal the To: address by clicking the Show Details triangular button near the top of the email.

What makes this awesome is that you don’t need to contact an email administrator to setup the alternate email address.  You don’t need to setup anything in your email system.  In the email address field of your Salesforce user record, simply add the “+” character to the end of the user part of your email address and then an alias.  For example, if your regular email is, then could be the alias.  I typically use a three or four letter acronym.

Any emails sent to the alias are automatically delivered to your regular email address.

Email aliases can also be used in other Salesforce records such as contacts, leads, email to case, etc.  This is useful for testing features where you need to distinguish emails that you are getting as a user versus emails as a test contact.


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