When using Google to search for a solution to a problem, many times unrelated, untrustworthy and other miscellaneous results are included. Searching websites one-by-one can get tedious, though. Google Custom Search allows us to search multiple specific websites using Google search algorithms.

Using the search on this page will be limited these websites:

  • www.salesforce.com – Salesforce’s main website
  • success.salesforce.com – Salesforce’s Customer Community which includes Answers and Ideas
  • help.salesforce.com – Salesforce’s Documentation and Knowledgebase
  • developer.force.com – Force.com developer site
  • wiki.developerforce.com – The other Force.com developer site
  • boards.developerforce.com – Salesforce’s discussion boards
  • www.crmverse.com – Could not ignore this site

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